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What’s so wrong with your job descriptions, anyway?

Most job descriptions are recipes for high turnover. The 120-year-old (and still unchanged!) technology interface we call job descriptions just doesn't talk about what really matters to the candidate/employee. Worse, they emphasize the wrong things!

They don't leverage the power of copywriting!

Your boring job descriptions aren't fooling anyone

The job description you and your competitors are using lack any hint of the persuasion and differentiation that comes from the art and science of copywriting. They're as generic - yawn - as a cover letter!

They're all about Features - not Benefits!

My resume is just a list of things I really never want to do again

Job descriptions still amount to nothing more than two lists of features - one list for the features of what you should have done in your prior jobs and one list for the features of the job being advertised - instead of the true benefits of the role. This thinking infects the resume too!

And when we say "benefits", we don't mean 401Ks!

Teams matter - a lot

Candidates, employees - people - are fundamentally the same. They care about:

  • Purpose and meaning
  • Learning and development
  • Career path
  • Autonomy and mastery
  • Their team and their boss

Outclass your competition with reinvented job description we call the Talent Opportunity Pitch

Even the most sophisticated marketing companies in the world are still writing utterly undifferentiated job descriptions. Just phoning them in, you might say.

We thought that was weird.

So we did something about it. We revolutionized the whole field of job descriptions.

Set your company apart

Now, our clients' job descriptions differentiate like crazy. Candidates can tell immediately that our clients are doing something really different, not to mention that they really get it.

Better candidates faster

Our clients are getting more and better candidates. They're hiring candidates faster, too, and their candidates stay longer. Oh, and they're more productive and creative.

Optimize hiring for things that matter

Like employees' ability to get into Flow, which happens when you hire for strengths and interview for meaning, or Story.

What's so different about the Role Opportunity Pitch?

Most importantly, the Role Opportunity Pitch is built around what will actually capture a candidate's attention - the real benefits - like all the best marketing and copywriting . . .

ROPs Emphasize Every Role's Meaning

Mostly, ROPs are about the meaning an employee can find in the role. Meaning is the biggest factor in attracting most candidates most of the time, and it's the most crucial to productivity and retention.

Meaning in the role

ROPs optimize for Super-productive Flow


We build job descriptions and interview strategies that give more weight to two proven factors: candidates’ ability to...

  • use their core strengths in the role
  • sustainably find meaning in it

ROPs focus on strengths

The word strength is silhouetted against a bright sunset sky. To the left of the word is a single human figure running towards the left of the image. The sky is orange at the bottom changing to blue at the top, there are some clouds in the sky.

ROPs are about strengths, not just skills and subject-matter knowledge. (Nor something even more confused, like competencies).

ROPs reduce cognitive error


The ROP designs against the cognitive error produced by your team's superficial notions of “prior experience”. Because they're killing diversity, productivity, and innovation.

Learn more about why your job descriptions aren't working

In our ebook, Why You Should Throw Out All Your Job Descriptions Now, you'll start to understand why our clients are hiring better candidates faster, and why their employees are more engaged, stay longer, and are many times more productive!

We'll then send you updates to teach you how to create your own Role Opportunity Pitches - the most differentiating job descriptions in the world.

And you'll start getting more and stronger applicant attention, from the right people, immediately.

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