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The evidence is in: when you get diverse talent in Flow, you get higher productivity, retention, engagement, and profits.

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How do you reinvent recruiting to get diverse talent in Flow?

Focus on differentiating, transferable strengths

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aka talents, strengths are what puts people into Flow. Give strengths more weight than the convenient-to-use keywords that capture what matters less: candidates' titles, employers and schools, skills, and prior experience . . .

Interview for Story!

Interviewing for Story

The only way to unearth both the core strengths and capacity for meaning that puts employees in Flow is to use the tools of Story to excavate and interpret every candidate's journey. We'll show you how.

Reduce your interviewers' cognitive error

Reduce cognitive error in hiring

Cognitive error comes in many forms, from anchoring effects to implicit bias and the regressive, self-defeating, diversity-killing keyword-based focus on prior experience.

Kill your job descriptions!

Seriously. And then replace them with our secret sauce, the Role Opportunity Pitch: marketing-style copywriting applied to a strong story, for each job, about what candidates most want to know (and it's not what you're offering them now).

Send the Right Message: Stories packing Meaning

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