How do our clients get far more engaging and fulfilling work?

Simple: they optimize their career search and branding around the Flow state.

Once we remind you how you've always gotten into Flow . . .

You'll learn your best Story. Then we'll show you how to convince everyone who needs to know: employers, clients, admissions officers, teams.

Strengths + Meaning = Flow: the state of happy fulfillment that is your beacon in decision-making - for life as well as career.

Strengths are also the building blocks of your brand. And when you illustrate strengths with well-crafted stories, your brand really takes off.

As if that weren’t enough, substantial research – and our own experience – shows that when people really come to understand their strengths, they get a huge boost in confidence – often just when they need it most!


Self-understanding: who are you, really?

We’ll help you to discover your strengths — and we don’t just mean what you’re good at. (Those are skills, and they don’t help you find happiness or differentiation).

  • What are your greatest strengths? What do you do better than others? This is the basis of your brand. And we’ll tell you.
  • You’ll discover what really motivates you — quite apart from the often inescapable influence of others (family, spouse, society)
  • Explore your own values – what you consider important. Values are the engine of goals, so don’t try to put the cart before the horse!
Behavior-based interviewing stories - the Challenge

Branding: define and position yourself!

A successful career is as well-run as a business: you need to know and convey to others your personal brand, and you need to position yourself within your target market, so that your strengths, your unique way of doing things, your motivations and values are clearly reflected in your resume, career bio, cover letter, interview strategy, LinkedIn profile, elevator pitch, networking strategy, and more.

But branding is also differentiation. What’s distinctive and memorable about the way you approach challenges and solve problems? We’ll help you understand it – and give you a compelling language to explain it to others.



We’ll help you create a job search strategy: what to look for, what to look into further, and how to position yourself for success – like doing the networking that leads to over 70% of all jobs – and a whopping 92% of jobs held by high-performers.

If you’re trying to get outside of your role or industry (or both), we’ll show you how to rearrange and reinterpret your strengths and experience to meet the requirements of the job you want.

What if, during the coaching, you decide you want to be your own boss, whether full-time or just part-time to start? We’ve got the startup and entrepreneurship experience that’ll get you where you want to go, from creative and strategic business planning to marketing and even fundraising, whether venture capital, grants, or loans.

The High Performance Story Coaching System is the most powerful and efficient way for you to:

  • grasp your best possible brand — made up of your strengths, your passions, your values – and make it real through the power of Story
  • triumph over the inevitable uncertainty (with courage) that comes with real and meaningful change

We will give you a deep understanding of how you came to be where you are, and a methodology to get you where in your heart of hearts you may already know you want to be in your life and career: in FLOW.

In groundbreaking positive psychology and neuroscience research over the last 30 years, we have proven we can not only reverse-engineer the best practices and skillful means used by people who are happy and successful — we can also teach it. To you.

Discover what you excel at — and learn how to stop making so much effort to “fix” your weaknesses!

The research is emphatic on this point: flow can only come from using your true strengths — which must include your passions! — in the service of meaningful, challenging work. We'll:

  • show you how to forgive your so-called weaknesses so that you can truly own your strengths (and passions, and values)
  • help you with the crucial work of managing fears of change, failure, disapproval, success (yes, success), and depression (to name a few)
  • open a way for you to move into a life of peace and happiness
  • help you answer key questions, such as: What is a functional resume – and should you have one in order to compete?

In a conventional resume, your story is scattered throughout the resume, like Easter eggs a reviewer has no time to find. Our Modified Functional Resume can create the clear story that gives you the edge you need.

Flow at Work and Play

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