About High Performance Story

We supply the tools and systems that create the Story, Meaning, and Flow that power everything from personal motivation and creativity to your organization’s funding, customers, partners, talent, and teams — and the entire economy!

Startup Founders and Teams

We specialize in startup companies facing high stakes in building compelling stories for investors, co-founders, customers and partners, and the talent that determines your success or failure.

In short, we're a virtual accelerator. We help startups refine their business models, talent strategies, and pitches - raising over $350 million in capital and grants to date. We now have it down to a system: the High Performance Story™ System.

Career Changers

We work with career-changers to unearth and articulate their most high performance career story, which consists of:

  • defensible differentiating strengths expressed as the key benefits your audience cares about
  • emotionally resonant, evidence-based storytelling, as positioned in the context of your competitive environment



Employer Differentiation & Talent Attraction

We develop Employer Brand Stories and reinvent job descriptions for organizations of all sizes. Our clients see dramatic improvements in:

  • time to hire
  • quality of hires
  • employees’ job satisfaction
  • employee engagement
  • employee retention
  • productivity
  • the performance of teams